Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daily tricks for eternal beauty

We all know that beauty comes from within,but I'm going to give you some advice how to maintain beauty not only inside but also outside.

1.Gently shampoo your hair
The way you apply the shampoo upon your hair may damage it.So be gently and massage your hair ,do not brutalize it.It is very important not to stress your scalp.Hair roots are very fragile and needs a special treatment.
So do not scratch this area,you may regret it.

2.Everlasting lipstick
All women desire full lips and colorful ones during the day,but the reality is that lipstick vanishes after couple of hours.What is to be done? Makeup artists says that a solution is to apply in a very special order the lipstick in combination with powder.So first you apply a thick layer of lipstick,press a tissue upon them to erase the extra an after that you apply a thin layer of powder to "fix" the lipstick.After this fixation you apply again a layer of lipstick.
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